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Studies have been conducted to find out how or why workers remain with their jobs as opposed to moving on. Often, several factors are repeated but not the ones most businesses expect. Employers tend to focus on things like pay and benefits, considering them to be the hallmarks of retaining or losing employees. Luring new candidates falls under this ideology as well. Most businesses think that a competitive wage and expansive benefit packages are enticing enough to gain the skilled workers they desire and keep the individuals already employed. While these are aspects considered, often the situation is a great deal more complicated. Both hiring and retaining employees are complicated and nuanced situations that require a great deal of investment in both time and resources. Without them, businesses face hiring the wrong type of individuals for the jobs required, and losing the skilled or valuable members.

Emphasis on Quality

The hiring process is no longer as simple as an ad in the local newspaper. In order to find qualified applicants alone, businesses need to address screening, assessment, and interviewing individuals. Doing so will allow companies to weed out those that do not have the required skill sets, are not appropriate for your workplace, and finally those that can integrate while putting those skills to work. The people that are eventually hired need to be of sufficient skill and have the right attitudes not to clash with or destroy the rapport often found within a workplace. For instance, the company Axians redtoo is a staffing group that takes extensive efforts to focus on IT specialists that understand the demands of this field. Long before any members are sent to workplaces, they are screened and evaluated on many levels to ensure they are both ready and able to go.

Leadership matters

As said, employers often rely on benefit packages and pay to inspire loyalty. Nearly all that do so rely heavily on wage increases. Such is a good place to begin, but more is required to create a good workplace. Studies show workplaces that use policy and practices to value their workers have far better retention rates. One common wisdom is that people do not quit jobs, they quit managers. An effective manager can inspire loyalty to the job and team even in poor situations. A domineering one can dissuade both current and potential workers regardless of any benefits or wage packages. It becomes either easy or untenable to keep workers based on who is set to lead them. Understanding workplace culture and effectively leading a team makes demonstrable differences in both hiring and retention. As much as 80% of a business’ employee turnover can be traced to management style.

Axians redtoo is a staffing company, one that acts as an independent human resources division. Rather than focusing on a larger company, their goal is to both find and manage the most skilled and effective group of IT specialists. Doing so means a unique focus on workplace interaction, and ensuring their skilled experts know how to work within the group without disrupting it. Among their employees are many manager-level individuals that are particularly skilled at moving into a situation and taking charge while emphasizing the team environment. Valuing each member inspires loyalty and dedication from the team, increasing both morale and productivity. Skilled at managing staff and IT, they become invaluable to the locations they manage for any length of time.


While often referred to as a team or workforce many employers do not appreciate the terminology. Employees are encouraged to work together or at least in parallel. Together, this team makes the company run, and can be either a smooth operation or a difficult battle depending on how well they interact. Fostering cooperation and communication can vastly improve more than morale. A team that works together seamlessly is both happier and far more productive. Businesses and companies that support a more integrated and team-based workforce tend to see a more supportive group that is far more efficient. Workers help each other more freely and work effectively to serve your customers, partners, and group better. This also includes understanding and adapting to the needs of a work environment. Some examples can be flexible work shifts, a more casual work attire, and open work areas that eschew isolated or compartmentalized workplaces. An open and friendly environment invites communication and creates a far happier workplace for your team. This can both help workers stay with a company, and create a desire for new workers to come in and join.

Axians redtoo also focuses on this aspect when sending all levels of experts to a workplace. Rather than an ‘us versus them’ mentality, their experts are encouraged to try and integrate into the existing team. For the duration of their contract, they are not just employees of Axians redtoo, but of the workplace they work in as well. This means helping to cooperate and support those around them in this new environment. With a priority on supporting the team, they do their best to enhance the workplace through cooperation. Doing so can create a far friendlier and productive environment both while there, and when they move on to a new workplace.

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