Three Methods for Hiring Higher Quality Applicants

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Three methods for higher quality applicants

Any business is a social group that needs to perform both group and individual tasks. When adding members of this group, most companies understand that the skill set is not the only aspect to consider. You also have to try and predict how this person will integrate into the group. In many cases, simply having a skilled individual is not beneficial. Filling a role also includes being able to work with others in a meaningful way. As such, understanding where the best place to obtain new hires is important. Three of the most successful methods are to use employee referrals, a 3rd party website such as a job board, and social professional networks. Each provides a level of insight and opportunity for both employer and potential employee.

Insider word of mouth

Sometimes, the best answer is the simplest one. If your company has an opening, the simplest way to fill that role is to ask your current employees if they know somebody that would fit. This turns your entire workforce into a recruiting group, tapping into their social circles that may or may not overlap. With your workforce looking for more hires, you are saved the cost and hassle of a job posting and searching through applicants for quality individuals to talk with. This process is shortened by having your workers screen applicants for you, cutting your search time in up to half. Asking around with your people reduces both time and money spent trying to fill a position.

Doing this also ensures that the chances of a new hire integrating into the social dynamic are significantly higher. Referred individuals coming in already know somebody within the workplace, implying a level of familiarity and comfort. This means they will likely stay longer, lowering your turnaround. Additionally, the person or persons that referred this new hire will have another friendly and familiar face around, making them want to stay longer.

Professional help

One of the most difficult aspects of hiring is sifting through large groups for the few that will work well in your company. If you cannot easily find a candidate pool to work with, the problems continue to compound. Another option is a company like Axians redtoo, a staffing service. These groups work like independent human resources departments. Their entire company is based on the idea of finding trained experts and capable workers that are ready and able to integrate into a work environment. Essentially, Axians redtoo and their peers will work through the available applicants in an area, and only keep the best and most adaptable individuals. As such, when your company calls to ask if they have any professionals available, you are guaranteed to find workers that know what they are doing and will not cause major disruption to the team you already have.

IT staffing services also thrive on two aspects: current training and adaptable workforce. The former involves ensuring that all their people are capable and knowledgeable in the field they are sent to work in. Tech experts know the programming languages and equipment you have on-site before they even arrive. Certifications are kept up to date, and the worst you have to worry about is familiarizing the worker with your building’s layout. As for adaptive workforce, if for any reason you are concerned with how a person is working out, they are not technically on your payroll. Contacting the staffing service can quite often replace the individual quickly and quietly. This ensures that disruptions are kept to a minimum without losing quality in your workforce.

Online gatherings

Social media is an incredible tool for networking and sharing information. Social sites are famous for their ability to disseminate information quickly. Many employers will visit the Facebook of potential employees to see just what an individual is like. The practice of monitoring such profiles of current employees is becoming equally common to ensure a company is not being defamed or unpleasant aspects are shared. Some sites, such as Linkedin focus on the business aspects of an individual. These social boards are designed to both advertise workers and provide a forum to discuss professional matters. Just like other social environments, word of mouth- or the online equivalent, allow people and businesses to quickly locate skills and make connections to try and find employment or fill gaps within a group. Often, these media sites encourage individuals to list skills, certifications, job history, and similar information. This provides a virtual resume and application’s worth of information before you even approach an individual.

Just like asking your workforce to ask if they know potential workers, understanding the skills and demeanor of an individual can be a great asset. Social media sites give away this information for free, saving time and money. Reading the available information also lets you see how this person interacts with others, giving a sense of what they are like personally. Patterns of behavior emerge quickly such as how they speak, or general attitudes. This allows an employer to gauge just what an individual might be like in the social setting of your workplace.

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