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The Workplace Puzzle

Jobs have a variety of similarities and differences. They all require us to do things we wouldn’t generally do on our own in exchange for monetary compensation. Typically they have competition regardless of their good or service provided. However, what many don’t think about nearly often enough is that jobs are social gatherings, and thus create their own form of culture. Social hierarchies develop of who is more popular, who you don’t want to cross, and who is good to go to for help. This is a naturally occurring aspect, and cannot be avoided. However, when you have a business, such is a voluntary environment. If individuals wish, they can find a way to leave that social dynamic, and if needed those in charge can add to the workforce. Regardless of reason for adding people, this alters the dynamic to a degree, and you must be aware of how things change.

Proper versus Improper Fit

When a business has gaps in their workforce, the hiring process is ostensibly there to fill in the needed gaps with qualified workers. The business needs people capable of completing the required tasks and performing the job at hand. However, if the person hired is not somebody that meshes well with the people in the workplace, friction and lower productivity can result. For instance, if an individual is abrasive or rude it can upset workers around them. This creates hostility and distractions from the work. Employees can become hostile and argumentative- aggravated by the newcomer’s behavior or actions. Individuals begin to pay more attention to this drama than their jobs, thus both quality and amount of work begins to decrease. Arguments arise, and can escalate to the point where either human resources or supervisors can no longer ignore the situation. Direct control is imposed, degrading morale to the point where good workers are acting poorly.

On the reverse, if a person is added into a team and is a neutral or even good fit for that group, work can continue as it was. A new staff member does not create issues, merely joins in. Ideally, the new person communicates and becomes an asset to both coworkers and the workplace. While being a best friend is never required, being at least amicable and friendly can enhance cooperation in an office. The skills this new person brings, the ones that they were hired specifically for, augment the staff on-hand and work can continue or even improve.

Staffing Specialists

Axians redtoo, and companies like it, are businesses that employ specialists and experts of their field. Individuals that are ready to integrate into a new environment and apply skills to make things run smoother and better than ever. To accomplish this, all staff members are generally highly educated in their field of expertise. This includes having the right certifications, degrees, and even some experience with the technology or IT needed. That way, when they arrive the skills are top notch, and work can be improved immediately. In addition to that, staff members at Axians redtoo are aware of the unique issue they represent. Working for the staffing company means they will be entering an established work environment to help out a crew. That includes entering an established work culture with its own dynamics and members. This creates a possible ‘outsider’ feeling, where they may be intruding on an office already dealing with stress.

Axians redtoo is careful and conscientious about this sort of situation, as that is part of being a staffing service. Whenever possible, those sent to join a workforce are sympathetic to the world around them and careful not to be aggressive or antagonistic. Specialists are brought in to perform tasks for the boss, but also ready to work within the established culture. Individuals are heavily encouraged to communicate and interact with fellow workers on-site, and do their best to make joining as seamless as possible. This is generally effective, but can become problematic at times. The differences in personalities and other esoteric conflicts can be difficult. If for any reason they become insurmountable, the specialist can inform their parent company like Axians redtoo, and the staffing can be switched. As a provider of people, staffing companies typically have a pool of individuals that are appropriate skill-wise for a given environment. When a problem arises between people, it will be simple to withdraw one person and try a different one with more knowledge of how that environment works. Based on the experience of the one leaving, a far better fit can be applied.

Complete Immersion into the Culture

A workplace is there to perform tasks, but people integrating create culture. How a person integrates into that environment can have significant effects on all present, so finding the right fit is important. The wrong fit can cause problems up to and worse than simply not hiring a new person at all. The right one can keep things running smoothly, or even improve morale for those around them. Companies like Axians redtoo understand this better than most, and are ready to fill the needs of both your company and your team.

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