The Uberization of the IT Workforce

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Reallocating the workforce

Technology has grown at what can only be called an exponential rate. It has evolved computers that weighed tons and took up several rooms to the devices we keep in our pockets. Patience has seemingly eroded as many aspects of society are quite literally on demand any longer. This instant gratification has extended into the concept of the workforce as well. The most popular and understood example would be the driving service Uber, wherein a person can use an app to call a car for a ride without waiting for their proverbial turn. The transportation industry is only the most miniscule tip of the issue. Sites such as Elance and Toptal, or Gigwalk and Twago offer themselves as a connection between workers that seek several temporary employment options and those that need tasks completed. Other companies like Axians redtoo specialize in certain aspects such as IT staffing for businesses. As the idea of working on more malleable terms becomes increasingly popular, the workforce is drifting away from previous ideals. In times past, the idea of a steady full-time job was something to work for and maintain. More recently, people are looking for the ability to balance work and home on the fly, and finding a workload that fits their lives.

Rebalancing work ethics

Using apps and freelance jobs was once a niche market, but has been growing steadily. For many workers, it allows them to choose when they wish to work, and determine when to stop. That freedom allows for a unique opportunity to wrest control of their professional lives in ways never before possible. Some might claim that this erodes work ethic, others champion it as it allows people to work more and diverse markets simultaneously. In fact, the only aspect that truly seems harmed by this are businesses that thrive on workers in a more stable method. Companies and businesses hire workers with the idea that when demand has openings, employees can be scheduled and be ready for the workload. Over time, those employees that prove themselves capable can be given more hours, more responsibilities, and become a mutual investment for a workforce. Businesses benefit from those that are experienced and knowledgeable. Workers benefit from having tenure and steadily higher pay with expected and stable hours.

As workers take more direct control of their own workload, businesses are not adapting to that change. Their needs remain static, and this divides the workforce and lessens the available pool of talent for any given job. What is more distressing on a business level is that all data and trends indicate that this is not going to stop. This will create critical shortages of workers that are skilled and capable for anything more than the most basic of employment. The industry of staffing companies like Axians redtoo are poised to take advantage of this trend as things continue to change. In the near future, companies that specialize in staffing needs may no longer be an option. With their dedication to finding and maintaining the highest quality of employees and specialists, they may well become the best possible source for their respective areas.

From option to necessity

Staffing companies like Axians redtoo act as independent human resources departments. Their entire business model is finding the most promising individuals for their industry. For Axians redtoo, that is information technology (IT). Being aware of the brightest and most skilled individuals in that field is their primary function, and once hired, those people are refined further. With continuing focus on education, skill building, and certification, these specialists remain on the forefront of their field. These pools of workers will become more valuable as the workforce is divided by the app-work of the present and future. Competition for employment will become fierce, and finding a dependable source of high-quality workers will become just as critical for businesses. Many times, it will not simply be a matter of hiring somebody, but getting the right person.

Axians redtoo and their peers have the business model that is similar to the app-workers. They exist for the purpose of having a business contact them for immediate needs, and providing the skills required. This can be for a few hours, a few years, or anywhere in between. Such allows the business to remain fluid and functional while Axians redtoo assures the highest quality of specialists. They will have the ability to offer a pool of workers, ready and capable to handle complex tasks. This talent pool can act as both emergency aid and long-term assets. With associates skilled at all levels of work, a business can pull in somebody to fix an issue, lead a team, or even act as a manager for the company. As a supplemental industry, these individuals thrive as the businesses they are working with do. Thus, they are not interested in stealing a company or changing the way it works. Instead, they work with businesses to become better as a combination.

The supplemental and temporary nature of app-workers is highly successful because it meets the needs of those that work within it. These workers provide the work required quickly and on-demand, then are not obligated to remain. The same concepts can be applied to businesses and corporate entities as well. Just like individuals, these groups have needs and issues to address. Staffing companies offer skilled and capable people on demand for as long as needed. The concept is sound on both a macro and a micro scale, as long as you know the groups that will help you.

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