The Importance of a Good Worker Pool

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Maintaining a workforce has become an increasing challenge in recent years. For current employees, once they have the qualifications, their skill set becomes a commodity that can be bartered for. Just because they are currently employed does not mean others will not express interest. Companies must always be aware of the nature of the industry, and not fall behind those standards. If that happens, their specialists can be enticed to leave for competitors. In the matter of finding new hires, not only is that environment highly competitive, but also the uber nature of work has become increasingly prevalent. The idea that people can hire themselves out as they are comfortable doing so for specific jobs is an enticing idea. What began as a vehicular service is quickly becoming an entire generation of entrepreneurs willing to do the work on a case-by-case basis. This is great for them, allowing autonomy and a sense of control over their skills. For companies, this presents just another competitor that must be dealt with. When both maintaining and adding to a workforce become a challenge, the situation requires a new solution to remain viable.

Staffing solutions

Working as an independent human resources group, companies like Axians redtoo specialize in maintaining a genre of workers. Focusing on a specific industry rather than a specific company, they are ready and capable with a pool of workers that are maintained and continually refreshed. It all begins with their scouting procedures. In order to maintain a pool of workers, staffing groups are ready to intervene and hire workers wherever they become available. This includes educational institutions like colleges or trade schools. When skilled individuals become available, staffing companies make an effort to obtain the excellent candidates. To accomplish this, a ‘round the clock scouting’ standard is often used. Such allows companies to maintain a pool of certified and experienced experts. That pool is the lifeblood of any staffing company, as it allows them the ability to fulfill obligations and have people on-hand to put in place wherever needed. Regardless of what skills are required for a project, staffing companies thrive on having the right people ready to assist companies immediately.

Quality over Quantity

In order to maintain the pool of associates, many would assume that staffing groups simply take anybody available. The truth could not be further from that idea. Just like any other company, staffing groups must maintain the level of skill more than the number of workers. Applicants and those sought are evaluated with similar or even stricter measures than most companies. Their associates must be able to work wherever they are sent- not grow into a role as a traditional hire might within a client group. New hires are evaluated on many levels. One particular source for scrutiny would be the previous employer. What skills including technical and specific abilities were used? This shows what skills are freshest and most familiar to the person. Scanning a resume also can show the extent of skills and certifications, describing how useful a person might be in a new location. Time spent in an industry can show familiarity with a skill set, as well as what might help an individual thrive. Previous titles such as Project Manager can help a person be considered for more expansive jobs rather than just a specialist. Experience also lends to the ability to work on more involved tasks

Symbiotic business

Staffing companies like Axians redtoo are not interested in taking over a larger group as some might fear. Instead, they are a group that is interested in filling gaps, and helping other companies to thrive. Rather than be concerned with competition within businesses that want specific goals, staffing groups want to be more versatile and able to help a variety of companies at the same time. This allows them to diversify and be able to continue functioning despite changes in the market. To that end, staffing groups ensure that the associates they offer are prepared to work through the length of their contract. This can be for a few days for an immediate problem, a few weeks to assist in a project, or for months on end for a more long-term need.

Any contract to hire an associate is a professional agreement that the staffing company is prepared to honor. Associates are made aware of the length of the contract before being sent, and that way they are ready to perform to their best for as long as was agreed to. Individuals sent by a staffing company are aware of the unique position they inhabit. As workers for the staffing group, they are both expected to work as one of the team where they are sent, and as representatives of the staffing group. It becomes even more important that they perform to the best of their ability and integrate into the workplace as they fulfill the contract they agreed upon. This standard of behavior and quality work not only aids them professionally, it enhances the relationship between the client and the staffing group as well. The symbiotic nature of the business excels when the companies agree and work well together. Like a partnership, but one based on the work, not the goal.

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