The Convenience of Offsite Staffing

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The convenience of offsite staffing

Any company that is large enough to have a staff management department like Human Resources understands that workers are a resource. Maintaining workers can be difficult, and when work needs to be completed workers may not be on-hand. Depending on the difficulty of the work and the level of qualification required, the pool of available workers becomes somewhat small. Unlike office supplies, obtaining specialists is not a simple task. Human resources must sift through available applicants to find those with adequate skills and reputation to fill the available positions. An under-qualified individual will do more harm than good. If the individual is unskilled or not certified in the task at hand, you are left with a poor performance that the remainder of your staff must either cover or endure. On the other hand, you are left with the issue of not filling the role, and your staff is still forced to cover the needs in addition to their own tasks. Such creates significant stress on the workforce and degrades the quality of your work. It seems a difficult choice- spend significant resources to find appropriate workers, hire any warm body to fill the role and hope they grow into it, or leave the position vacant and do what you can with current workers.

Competitive workforce

The reasons that the hiring process has become so difficult are varied. Graduates are commonly sought as they exit their training and education. Companies want the best and the brightest, and fresh from school the students are at their prime. This creates intense competition for the same workers, creating a shortage of skill. Additionally, the “Uber” market is significantly growing. The self-employment model allows people to work as much or as little as they desire, selling their skills on a job by job basis. Finding appropriate experts continues to become far more difficult. However, most companies are not aware of a loophole in this market. Instead of clamoring to find the people directly, some of the proverbial head-hunters can be made to work for you. Staffing agencies are specifically designed to create a pool of skilled workers that are able to loan out their significant skills as needed. One way to consider them is an independent human resources department. These companies work with multiple companies loaning out workers of all skill levels. Depending on the focus of the company in question, it could be bodies to help clean and maintain your offices, specialists to come in and fine-tune your most sensitive systems, or even management-level associates trained to lead and organize.

Similar to the Uber model, these associates are loaned out on a case-by-case basis through the staffing firm. This allows you to negotiate with a reputable company for the skilled labor you need instead of shots in the proverbial dark on what sort of worker you can expect. For instance, Axians redtoo is a staffing company that specializes in tech support. These associates are well-trained and certified not only for their own benefit, but Axians redtoo as well. When the company is contacted for workers, their reputation is on the line to ensure you get highly-skilled and certified individuals. Furthermore, when not currently on assignment, Axians redtoo encourages all its associates to continue education and seek out ever-more certifications. Additionally, these associates are more than ready to work for the good of the company they are assigned to. While primarily hired by Axians redtoo, the company is symbiotic. It gains in reputation and prestige when the companies it partners up with do. As such, they only send their best to any given situation.

Modular workforce

Staffing companies like Axians redtoo thrive on being able to work with variables. For instance, if an associate sent to a company has any issues, or the company is displeased, the staffing company represents a pool of workers. This translates to the ability to withdraw a worker and replace them in a minimum of fuss or time. Such is still applicable to all levels. Some assignments are only for a day, say to correct a technical error. Others are several weeks to help facilitate a project. One of the more popular options is to hire management-level employees. Often, training people to take control and organize is a lengthy and difficult process. Having skilled individuals on-call can be intensely convenient. Some associates stay on for months or even years at a time because of the high-quality work they offer.

As staffing companies work with various industries, it becomes difficult to generalize the industry. From janitorial to management, unskilled to highly-adept, their workers span the entire spectrum of labor and are ready at a moment’s notice. The independent nature of the staffing group means all the headaches and issues with hiring and maintaining a workforce are handled on behalf of the client. Background checks, drug testing, verifying skill levels, and all the other issues that need to be addressed are done. This creates one of the greatest conveniences for modern business: workers that are primed, ready, and capable.

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