In-House or Specialist? The benefits of a staffing company

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As a company, you understand the requirements of remaining in operation. It is a careful balancing act between productivity, and the amount of cost spent on resources. You need to find the best balance of quality in your materials to both work with and convert your products from. One aspect that many do not see as a resource is a group that was so unique it required a specific department in virtually all medium or larger companies. The human resources department acts like a miniature company within itself. This is a group that must remain aware of the legal requirements for employment, maintain standards, and monitor the workforce for current or possible upcoming issues. This becomes even more vital when considering new hires, as they often are a massive process for any given opening. The aspect of hiring, maintaining, and curtailing redundancies within a workforce is a massive undertaking and can take significant resources.

Our society thrives on a certain ideology- if there is something to be done, an industry can arise from it. Staffing companies are independent groups that are dedicated to the idea that instead of focusing on a specific company, they will hire, maintain, and excel at the workforce alone. Unconcerned with the idea of productivity of a specific task, they tend to focus on an industry. Axians redtoo for example, focuses on the idea of having the best in IT specialists to offer. People that can be hired for short or long term, and take advantage of all possible levels in a given workplace.

The pitfalls of In-House

When a company wishes to maintain only its own workforce, it must contend with all the benefits and troubles that entails. This involves making a job posting in a location they feel is appropriate. This can be in an online location, the local job boards, or even an ad in the paper. This creates issues with finding a flood of applicants for a job, particularly in a recession. Many of those applicants are unqualified for the position, costing time and effort just sifting through them for likely candidates. From there, the interview process can take time and resources. From setup and working with schedules to debating at length over which candidates deserve to be allowed forward, the process can be exhausting. All this before even beginning the hiring process.

Each state and area can have unique hiring requirements and paperwork. For companies that are more diversified, this requires care to not treat all areas the same way. In some cases, having a background or drug test can be required or simply wise. Again, this costs a company time and effort before the individual is even on his or her first day. Eventually, you have the person hired, and still must contend with the possibility of an individual not fitting in or being right for the position. Should they fail, the process must begin anew, or hopefully another applicant partially through that process will still be interested. Frankly, hiring is a complicated and costly experience for the employer.

Service industry for corporations

Staffing companies rose out of the idea that this hassle is one that companies would rather avoid when possible. If an associate is needed for short periods for some reason, or if the company cannot find adequate people, the jobs must still be fulfilled. Companies like Axians redtoo understand the requirements of a human resources department because they operate as an independent one for various groups. Their goal is to seek out the best possible candidates and create a pool of workers that can step in at a moment’s notice. For instance, they will handle finding applicants not for a specific job, but an industry. The purpose behind that is they are unable to tell when a need will arise on any given level. Because of that, they keep a pool of workers for all given positions. Each specialist is trained, prepared, and certified in their tasks. In the case of redtoo, employees are actively encouraged to continue their education and more certifications when not on a job site.

Staffing companies are prepared to fill roles for whatever reason. Rather than hire temporary workers for a project or to fill a void for a few weeks, companies can save themselves the uncertainty and hassle of the hiring process with staffing companies. Each of the steps that a company would have to invest in a person for just to have them begin work is negated by using a staffing company. Axians redtoo and its peers regularly go through that process and are ready to step in at a moment’s notice. Regardless of level from the most menial and basic workers up through upper management needing to come in and take control of organizing a large group, staffing companies want to help a company thrive. When the costly steps are already taken on your behalf, it makes fiscal sense to take advantage of experts. Having a skilled, ready, and instant pool of individuals ready to assist your company can not only save money, but time and hassles until you no longer need them, or the right person comes along. In many cases, the staffing company becomes a more permanent solution if for no better reason than the quality of their associates.

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