Skill Sets for IT in 2017

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Skill Sets for IT 2017

Each field has unique requirements and needs. Every employer is looking to fulfill those requirements and do so with the right people. Naturally, the basic requirements still exist such as having a positive attitude, being proactive for your own sake, and timeliness. However, the IT field faces a few extra challenges. Many wonder how far the field will advance within the next few years, much less in a decade or two. Through the course of a career, IT can fundamentally change. Thus, playing the long game may not work. Instead, many are looking for the next step instead. Each year, you can look forward to what are the trends. What tasks and skills are the most requested? Being able to predict what the requirements will be increases your own value to employers.

Complex and Expanding Interfaces

The advancements in technology have given us a non-centralized form of computing taking advantage of the cloud. This allows users to store information in a way that does not require physical media and optimizing that can be difficult. Often large amounts of data can be stored there, giving quick access regardless of your physical location. Doing so allows for far more than storage. A form of decentralized computing has arisen where the same work can be done in smaller stations in various locations. Understanding how to manage these various points effectively can give you a significant advantage in the near future. Of course, that is not the only form of media one needs to be aware of. Cloud storage and computing does not replace physical storage media, it enhances what we continue to use. Some are more comfortable not allowing information of a sensitive nature to be transmitted in any way. Being familiar with all the available forms of data storage and being able to organize them into a cohesive whole can be difficult. True, it is all simply memory, but having the ability to organize it into something usable can be far more involved than at first glance. This becomes even more significant when you consider that many companies use different programs that all draw upon the same data. This has created a new form of software to be cognizant of: Middleware.

As companies use both proprietary and common programs, they run into the issue of conflicts in the system. Several programs all attempting to use the same storage and same information can slow a network down. Soon, IT is bombarded with calls of programs crashing and systems going down. To mitigate this, the field of middleware has arisen to act as an internal interface. Programs that have to interact or use the same storage files work through it like a filter. Middleware makes all programs in a system far more compatible and work smoothly. Instead of adjusting a half dozen programs in a corporation, a single one can be tweaked to make the whole work better. This highly technical task is incredibly important, as it can interface programs and storage media and either solve several issues at once or become the greatest headache imaginable.

Understanding and Applying Information

Raw data can be impressive in size, but without context it becomes a sea of useless information. As such, another emerging skill set is using statistical analysis to data mine and data presentation. The former is the ability to look at raw data and recognize patterns. Deciphering data can be difficult as in any statistical field outliers can appear to distract from the most important aspects of the data. A keen mind or experienced individual can use a variety of skills to sift through the information and find the important aspects. The second skill of presentation is applying that understanding in a way that those not adept in statistics can appreciate. The information can be put in a variety of forms, but effectively communicating to your employers what the data means can be invaluable.

For many years now, the internet has been an indispensable arena for business. It provides a quick and easy location for individuals to access a network within a company, or present a way for consumers to access the goods or services of a company. Thus, a mainstay of business for a long time has been use of the internet. With the explosion of mobile devices, every person has a capable point of sale in their pocket anymore. As such, development of interfaces for mobile platforms remains extremely important. Mobile devices are not nearly as powerful as a computer, so interfaces must be simplified and use fewer resources. At the same time, they must be very user friendly and intuitive. This continues to be a challenge for any company to create effective content and skills here make one very marketable to employers.

Security is Always Important

One aspect of >IT skills in demand that has not changed is the area of networking and security. As was discussed earlier, interfacing several systems can be a challenge depending on the types of interfaces needed. Though middleware makes the programs work far smoother, a professional has yet another program to interface into a network. Each program has protocols and requirements to optimally interface, and juggling them all can become harrowing. Additionally, every point of access must be monitored for unintentional or malicious breaks in security. More information than ever before is vulnerable to breaches, and being both vigilant and educated on how to minimize them cannot be overstated. From minor details about discarded emails to vital company secrets, all information must be treated as important. A security expert in IT will always be in demand, and the skill set will continue to evolve as threats do.

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