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Project Management as a Service

A more dynamic, high-flex model

Project Management as a Service (PMaaS)

The innovative Axians redtoo model of PMaaS is ideal for environments that generate a rather large number of smaller projects, or a few major projects that tend to overshadow other work.

With Axians redtoo’s PMaaS, there is no need to hire (or contract for) individual IT project managers or teams as each project arises. Instead, you tap into a customized project management ecosystem that can deliver whatever mix of capabilities your organization needs at any given time.

From coordination to the full Project Management Office

PMaaS can be tailored to include everything from basic project coordination, up to a full Project Management Office covering areas such as assessments, governance, tools, and experienced specialists.

Rapid deployment, rapid scale-down

With Axians redtoo, fully-oriented resources can be assigned to a project only when needed, while the rest of the team remains on the ‘bench’ — providing administrative and coordination assistance in the interim, and remaining ready to deploy on short notice.

Available specialties and competencies

  • Project planning, costing, implementation, governance and review
  • Project administration, documentation and scheduling
  • Reporting against both project related milestones, financials and service KPI’s On and Off boarding along with project specific knowledge transfer
  • Coaching and mentoring of junior team members
  • Project quality reviews and management
  • Managing dependencies across projects
  • Development of and adherence to agreed standards and processes

Metrics and KPIs

  • Number and experience level of defined resources
  • Reaction time for new requests
  • Ramp-up times for new resources

Bottom-line advantages

  • Quickly staff new projects from a pool of on-boarded and experienced project managers — for short or long durations
  • One monthly invoice covers all services and resources utilized that month.
  • No need to procure funding for each new project
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