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Network Operations/Security Operations

Your own proactive, 24×7 NOC, SOC

An eye on your network, on your perimeter

To be sure, the performance and security of the enterprise infrastructure is mission-critical for most enterprises.

The problem is, the onerous task of monitoring and administering infrastructure can be a time-consuming distraction for an IT organization trying to focus on more strategic business needs.

What’s more, world-class management and security can demand tools and expertise beyond the scope of the typical enterprise IT team.

With Axians redtoo, you can have expert NOC and SOC teams keep watch over your infrastructure and security, with strict responsibility for detecting and addressing performance or security issues across the enterprise. The systems, processes and expertise are already in place, ready to deploy to your infrastructure.

Our skilled NOC/SOC teams come with multiple certifications including: CCNA, CCDP, CCNP security, CISSP.

Assess, design, deploy

The Axians redtoo approach involves an in-depth audit and assessment of your existing network and/or infrastructure, which leads to a detailed solution for monitoring and administering your network issues — to your particular specifications and without diverting your staff from current duties.

In addition to the day-to-day operations, Axians redtoo can provide expert assistance with enhancing the security and faster reaction times to any new threats. Everything is fully documented which will ensure a consistent approach to the management of the service going forward.

Typical NOC tasks

  • 24×7 monitoring of incidents and alerts
  • Routing and escalation of incidents to appropriate teams
  • Incident prioritization and classification
  • Management of incident queues and triages
  • Review of performance and trending reports
  • Performing basic systems and operational testing
  • Monitoring and management of batch processing systems
  • Update of knowledge base articles and Working Instructions
  • Providing temporary administration access to technical teams

Typical SOC tasks

  • 24×7 monitoring of alerts, threats and intrusions
  • Diagnosis and containment / isolation of threats
  • Conducting system audits to ensure system and data integrity
  • Update of firewall rules
  • Site access management
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Digital forensics

Possible KPIs and Metrics

Depending on your particular concerns and issues, Axians redtoo can design a managed service solution based on KPIs such as:

  • Critical Alert Resolution
  • Major Alert Resolution
  • Minor Alert Resolution
  • Critical Alert Volume
  • Major Alert Volume
  • Minor Alert Volume
  • Incidents Processed, Cleared, Routed
  • Incident Volume

Bottom-line advantages

  • Significant uptime and performance improvements
  • Fewer outages and disruptions
  • Faster resolution of performance issues
  • Tighter security monitoring and response
  • More efficient routine administration
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