Axians redtoo Managed Services

Intrusion Prevention Service

Warding off viruses, bad guys, malware.

Keeping up, keeping out

In most enterprises, it’s virtually impossible for busy IT staff to stay current with the various and ever-changing threats to networks and data. Especially when trying to drive business-critical IT initiatives.

Working with Axians redtoo, you can turn over those issues to specialist teams that work across all layers of the OSI model to deploy IPS strategies and technologies to protect your assets from a wide range of threats and vulnerabilities — all without distracting your staff or compromising operations.

It’s provided as an ongoing, hands-on IT service tailored to your environment.

Multi-faceted defense

The Axians redtoo IPS eliminates the complexity of modern IPS systems and focuses on maximizing benefits.

The IPS service monitors and analyses the behavior of applications, searching for known viruses and vulnerabilities, preventing different types of malicious network activity.

The system can also block certain types of applications (for example social network applications) or limit the bandwidth available for them. Rather than simply filter by source and destination IP addresses, the system takes a much deeper look to determine any threats present and to enable security engineers to target their efforts effectively.

With our advanced knowledge and wide experience of IPS systems, Axians redtoo personnel provide continuous appraisals and tuning of system parameters to ensure the IPS systems function at their maximum potential.

Typical tasks

  • Continuous system monitoring
  • Analysis of collected data
  • System tuning and troubleshooting
  • Mobilization of security engineers
  • Hardware installation
  • Testing and handover
  • Configuration of policies (including traffic shaping, application blocking, advanced Distributed Denial of Service protection…)
  • Security event logging
  • Support includes: Cisco Sourcefire, HP TippingPoint, and Fortinet
  • Firewall Implementation and Management
  • Business to business Virtual Private Network Remote access
  • LAN Services
  • Security Audits Penetration Testing
  • Network Monitoring and more

Typical KPIs

Based on your environment, vulnerabilities, best practices, and past issues.

Bottom-line Advantages

  • Fewer intrusions, breaches, security failures
  • Faster response to issues and threats
  • Less distraction from core IT activities.
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