Smarter Outsourcing

Axians redtoo Managed Services

KPI-Based. Flexible. Scalable.

Buy outcomes and performance, not resources

Axians redtoo Managed Services offer uniquely efficient outsourcing solutions for a range of IT functions — especially those that require specialized skills, or lie outside of your organization’s core focus.

With Axians redtoo, you can contract for specific IT functions that are delivered as discrete and well-defined IT services, and driven by metrics agreed upon in advance. We at Axians redtoo manage the staffing and resources needed to meet your KPIs — all at predictable costs.

The advantage is, you are paying for outcomes, results, and performance, rather than investing in teams and processes on your own — or diverting staff from more strategic work.

Better still, Axians redtoo already has the necessary tools, processes, and systems in place, staffed by specialists who live and breathe that particular discipline.

It means you can typically deliver better results to the enterprise and at more sensible costs.

The Axians redtoo model is also uncommonly flexible, allowing you to sculpt the services to your own requirements, and quickly ramp up or down as business demands change, as new needs arise.

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