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A smarter, easier way to keep your business running.

Have redtoo build it, run it, maintain it.
Like a well-oiled machine.

Devices. Software. Network.

Axian redtoo’s redballoon cloud-based solution offers an elegantly simple way to manage client devices, security and the network infrastructure you need to power your business. Without building your own IT staff.

With redballoon, Axian redtoo technicians with advanced hardware and software tools will directly manage all elements of your IT excluding custom applications.

Your laptops, desktops and other supported client devices. Microsoft Windows 10, Microsoft Office 365, and security software including anti-virus, anti-malware, firewall protection. Your in-building network and your Internet connectivity. Your data storage, backups, security.

It is far simpler than trying to run it all yourself. Or juggling an array of vendors, manufacturers, providers, telcos, and services.

And chances are, with Axian redtoo’s expert tech teams, you’ll see a jump in reliability, performance, and overall efficiency, too. It will all work.

For 5 to 500 client devices

The flexibility of redballoon service makes it cost-effective for just a handful of devices, or for offices with hundreds of users.

So if you’re growing fast, redballoon makes it easy to keep up. With no lag in capability or dependability. We can scale you up seamlessly. As needed.

Deploy. Manage. Maintain.

We can work with your existing hardware, software, and network. Or, you can have us upgrade your equipment and systems to get you current, or to support new projects, new needs.

We can procure the hardware, configure and install software, design your network, and get it all running and optimized. On a budget that makes sense.

Then we can take over day-to-day operations, monitoring, and routine maintenance. If there’s ever an issue, we’ll handle it — working with any necessary providers or manufacturers as needed. Remotely, or even on site if necessary.

You have just one touch point.

That’s us.

World-class talent only

With redballoon, your systems are run by savvy IT specialists in hardware, software, and networking: people who live and breathe systems like yours.

Get a redballoon proposal including an IT Audit. It’s free for a limited time.

See how a more integrated, more holistic IT strategy could save your organization money, and make everything dramatically simpler and more secure.

Just ask Axian redtoo for a detailed analysis of your situation, and some recommendations.

We’re ready when you are.

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