Project Management in the IT Staffing Environment

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Management of Projects and People

Regardless of the size, projects have many things in common. A singular goal that is sought, and a time frame to show when it should be reasonably be done. Some resources are allocated, and should be enough to complete the task, combined with a person or persons that are skilled enough to perform the task. Without these vital elements, any project will fail. However, the nuances of each individual project mean that sometimes that isn’t enough. Projects work best with the right skills available on all levels. Jobs in the workplace are not so different. People are hired to perform tasks, and to do so in a timely manner with good quality to the work. In both employment and individual tasks, you generally have three entities. The owner or employer that requires the task be completed. This individual has a wish list to fulfill, and prioritizes the task as well as different parts of it. The manager works below that person, working to organize available resources and skills. While this person doesn’t do as much of the actual effort in the project, their role is key as they must manage all the different aspects. Their role is to trust in their team while delegating tasks to complete work. The team is that group of skilled individuals prepared to each work on their own part of the problem. Together, they form a far more effective team with varied IT skills and specialties.

Managing skills

In any given situation, the three prospective roles remain focused on their individual areas. The owner/employer remains somewhat detached as their concern is the largest picture. Their task is to have the best interests for the company in mind, and say what is important to be done. Those orders move to the managers that are tasked with understanding who is capable of what work among the team. Delegating tasks to those most apt ensures the highest quality of work while not over-stressing the team members. Project managers must be aware of the key points of any project: development and delegation of tasks, identifying goals, updating others on progress, and ensuring quality.

Managers must be aware of the best policies and practices in order to motivate the teams while also producing the best quality quickly in their own tasks. Often, project managers and team leaders become inured in their own methods, and neglect to keep learning. “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” is often the ideology for such thought, but that isn’t always best. Different approaches and new ideas can refine processes and be a way to continually improve your company. Axians redtoo, and other staffing companies are uniquely dedicated to education among their staff. With the promise of having the most skilled workers available at a moment’s notice, they ensure that if members of their pool are not currently assigned to a company, or even if they have some spare time, they continually learn. This increases skills, and introduces them to the newest practices and techniques. These skill sets are learned to remain at the forefront of their field. For workers, that means knowing the latest programs and equipment. For specialists, that means understanding the most up-to-date information on their field. For managers, that means being intimately aware of how to lead effectively and work with a diverse group of individuals.


Staffing companies are often called upon for contingent work, an on-call expert to come help with a busy time or specific project. One of their most highly demanded groups are project managers. Companies often have projects that require expert attention, but their current complement of employees are not able to break away and manage a new task. As such, project managers are brought in that are adept in managing resources and using a variety of techniques to quickly organize a group. Axians redtoo is proud of their project managers, and are proven to be able to achieve results. Using the most up-to-date methods and applying team building techniques, they help a group work better as a cohesive unit.

Even those familiar with the task can be reorganized to help find new ways of addressing the same concerns, often with the result of finding better ways. With perpetual training and education, project managers are able to call upon both the experience of untold successes and the burgeoning ideas of team interaction. Each experience either reinforcing skills that are effective, or introducing them to new challenges to find solutions to. Most companies that hire on a project manager for a temporary assignment benefit greatly from that choice. When the project is done, Axians redtoo is able to apply that manager to a new situation, taking with them the experience and skills that were so useful before. This makes their managers even more valuable as they learn both through information and experience.

This refinement through experience is what makes project managers the most demanded aspect of staffing companies. Individuals that are tested out in the field are able to apply their knowledge in a more realistic way. The cycle of experience in a variety of workplaces also helps members of Axians redtoo to be ready to integrate and adapt to new situations. They offer far more than project managers, but all benefit from being educated and able to work where needed.

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