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The staffing industry has arisen through the very unique nature of business in modern times. Things like Uber have radically altered the employment situation. Many are choosing to employ themselves on an as-needed basis. Other complications include the extensive training needed for many of the necessary positions in the workplace. The more specialized the job, the higher qualifications are required. This continually shrinks the applicant pool, causing compromise or waiting for the right people to arise. That said, sometimes neither is acceptable. A niche is causing issues in the workplace, and finding a person to perform that task immediately is becoming a crisis. This was the creation of the staffing industry, immediate availability of workers both qualified and capable of performing these tasks. To many businesses, this was the answer to all their issues. Objectively, they require somebody to come and perform these tasks not unlike a machine missing an integral part. Finding a piece to serve as that part should be as simple as obtaining and installing that piece. From there, the workplace should work smoothly. Unfortunately, the situation is far more complicated.

Hiring an individual requires multiple steps to not only ensure that they are qualified, but also capable of the requirements. Doing so often requires a battery of tasks including a background check to validate their abilities. Such takes time, effort, and resources to complete even before a candidate can enter the workforce. Staffing companies act as independent human resource departments, performing all these checks and vetting their worker pool long before sending them to a job site. This is a tremendous relief to the employer, as they are guaranteed a competent expert that will arrive and excel. There is another aspect that many do not consider, however. Most understand the concept of the second half of human resources, but few truly appreciate the former. Humans are highly individualistic with unique quirks and aspects to their personalities. Sometimes these qualities integrate well into a situation. Sometimes they clash creating a more volatile workplace than if the position had remained open.

Personal Vetting

Despite some similarities, humans are not machines. In theory, businesses work by relying on employees to consistently complete similar tasks over time. Doing so requires certain levels of skill and dedication to maintain a level of quality. A machine can do that without question. Built to perform specific tasks, that is what the machine does repetitively. People can also perform the same tasks in the same way. However, people are subject to personality quirks that can serve as either a boon or a flaw in different situations. In the workplace, varied people are required to work in close proximity and cooperatively over time. If the personalities of those present do conflict, the tension can hurt productivity. In the case of staffing companies, this can be mitigated to a degree. Most will have a pool of workers for specific job titles available, meaning if something arises with one worker another can be sent immediately to replace him or her. This raises another point. If you get a worker, you want it to fit as well as possible the first time. Swapping out, no matter how seamless, can be a hassle and cost time. Staffing groups make this process far faster than terminating a person and hiring a replacement, but some process still exists.

Axians redtoo dedication

When Axians redtoo hires applicants to their staff, such is not done solely based on their skill set. While that is an emphasis, as is continuing education to remain the most adept possible, their personality is also considered. Axians redtoo explores candidates’ backgrounds and ongoing due-diligence to learn the motivations and personality of their workforce. Doing so provides a detailed understanding of not only who their workers are, but how they operate. This understanding is taken into account with any and all placements. When the person is understood on a personal level, the workforce environment can also be taken into account. This personalized touch ensures that when a person is sent from Axians redtoo, they will do more than fill the role. They will excel at it.

For instance, some people thrive on high-pressure and intense environments. Putting that sort of individual in a relaxed and team-focused workplace will cause friction as they are set to power through work. Workers around them will be put under pressure, and eventually cause issues. If a more relaxed and interdependent individual is hired, then that person will seamlessly work with current employees to enhance the quality of themselves and those around him or her. Conversely, in a highly competitive workplace such a laid-back personality would be a hindrance by moving too slowly. All members of Redtoo’s workforce are certified and educated. Each can theoretically do the same work to the highest levels of quality. The human element can drastically change things, however. Understanding the environment and who would work best in it is part of what makes Axians redtoo so successful. Working with an employer to gain an understanding of the work environment can make all the difference. Sending the right people to perform the same task can turn a good situation in to an exemplary one. This is the difference that Axians redtoo strives for. Matching the right candidates with the right work environments benefits both parties.

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