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The advancement of technology and automation has allowed for tremendous pushes forward for automation. Menial tasks and repetitive jobs are being phased out of human interaction, depending on technology and machinery. However, we are far from a point where people become moot in the workplace. Instead, we have a drive for highly skilled individuals that are educated and capable of performing more advanced work. To that end, businesses have to be more careful than ever about maintaining a workforce. It has become far more than simply staffing individuals. Instead, it is now a matter of keeping the right people in the appropriate areas. Once an individual excels in their given place, they can be given more tasks and advance within a company. Many consider this the best option, promoting from within the ranks, and hiring for more entry-level positions to fill the void as individuals exceed expectations. This creates your business culture, and allows you to know your more advanced members of the hierarchy more completely. Doing so allows familiarity with their skills, strengths, and weaknesses and all benefit from such. A company is no different than a person- using the right tool or person for the job for the best results.

Sometimes, however, situations arise that are outside of the normal range. Seasonal business is one example. In many industries or areas, a circular pattern of business is felt. In some seasons the business is slower, and these lean times can lead to cutting back on the use of your workforce. The opposite seasons are so busy that you feel the urge to take on additional workers just to keep up with demand. Another might be a project. Some businesses are commission-based, taking on the work they can. Additional work can put a strain on resources. Other companies have something significant coming up such as a seminar or a specific presentation that requires some of their best talent. This raises the problem of where does that talent come from? To fill both the needs of your business and the project, the available workforce either needs to be divided, or augmented.

Weighing your options

Dividing your workforce means pulling capable individuals from their tasks and normal jobs. While this does put all one has at the project, normal operations begin to suffer. Without that skilled individual at their position, that area is no longer being kept up to standard. Conversely, if you don’t pull the best, the project may not come together as well as it could have. It seems like a losing proposition, so the next option is to augment your staff. In such a case, the company sets out a hiring spree for temporary workers. Often, this means trouble as people are seeking something more permanent and stable for employment. This does not discount the talent that may come, but it does create a desperate atmosphere. Depending on the level of skill you require, the applicant pool may not be high at all. In a surprising number of situations, the skills needed are for managers and team leaders. A company needs that sort of employee to be at their best, and giving all the skills available to your project. However, if you cannot spare existing workers and leaders, and if you do not wish to deal with the hassle of sifting through applicants in the vain hope of a decent group of people, there is a third option.

Management when needed

Staffing companies like Axians redtoo thrive on this situation, and have built an entire industry based on filling these gaps on a temporary basis. Specifically, they pride themselves on keeping a pool of workers available. Each member is skilled and certified in their tasks, ready and waiting to step up to a challenge. This is true for all levels of the workforce. From the specialists working for the company to management-level employees. As the hardest to obtain quickly, managers are often called upon the most. Managers are individuals that need to be versed in the skills of both their peers in a company, and aware of the skill set to expect in team members. In addition to all those skills, manager-level employees must include the ability to integrate into a team as well as lead and inspire them to do their best for a given project. These integral aspects are the ones that make managers so valuable. Axians redtoo and other staffing companies are well aware, and have a pool of managers that are ready to step in, and take control of a group. Of equal importance is the ability to do this without overrunning the staff, and making them feel any less important.

When considering a temporary hire for a specific project or short-term need, businesses should consider the benefits of a staffing group. Rather than promoting and creating gaps, or having a difficult time with new hires, this option presents a skilled, well-trained, and capable individual on your terms. These individuals are aware of and expect the temporary nature of the job, making them unaffected by this rather unique issue. Coming from a reputable company that is proud of the quality of their people means several assurances can be made. The individual is not only trained, but an expert at the task at hand. Axians redtoo insists that their people continue education when not on a job in order to remain at the top of their field. Expertise and certifications cannot be overestimated when dealing with a major project or keeping your company running. Additionally, you have the skills of a leader when you need them only, somebody that is adept at making a team work exceptionally well with one another. A staffing company can be an incredible asset, and one that should be used whenever a need arises. The quality of work will be all the proof your company needs.

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