Dynamic Power Cloud Manager (DPCM) was developed by Axians for companies looking for a user-friendly automation solution for their IBM Power environment. With DPCM, Axians offers a user-friendly solution for automating and administering all the functionality and management tasks of virtual servers for IBM Power systems under AIX, IBM i, Linux, and SAP HANA. Operation of the virtual servers is significantly easier and faster, translating into higher availability. With its customized portfolio of features, DPCM cuts costs and reduces functionality to the essentials. At DPCM’s core is an intuitive, web-based frontend that enables the user to conveniently configure their system environment or make modifications and optimizations. DPCM serves as an all-in-one administration and automation tool, and as a cloud provisioning solution for IBM Power environments catering to all markets and companies regardless of size — from a two-machine environment to a giant IBM Power farm for hosting services.

Features & Functionality

Axians’ DPCM automatically provides for a controllable degree of standardization, not only for deploying system images but also for all system admin operating processes, e.g. in the event of disaster recovery. Resulting in significant reduction in operator errors and enhanced system stability. Some additional features include:

  • Automatic image deployment
  • Load monitoring and balancing
  • Multiple OSs
  • Built-in high availability
  • Image templates
  • And various other features

Technology & Business Consulting

Axians not only offers the Dynamic Power Cloud Manager solution but also supports customers with its individualized Technology & Business Consulting Services:

  • Plan and create a DPCM-based system environment providing for any service on any system
  • DPCM installation, configuration & support during the implementation phase
  • Support during post-implementation
  • Professional support in the creation of individual customer DPCM images

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