Hiring and Retention: Tips in getting and more importantly keeping employees

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Hiring and Retention: Tips in getting and more importantly keeping employees

One of the most harrowing and difficult parts of running a business is hiring. Determining the best people to comprise your staff can be daunting, but equally so is the prospect of retention. To run a business you need more than to hire the right people, you must find a way to keep them. Conventional wisdom has a few options to consider, and Axians redtoo has already taken those steps. As one of the most viable options, a staffing company eliminates the need of finding skilled workers for your workplace. Axians redtoo is a company that has been working for over 30 years in providing experts in IT for a variety of workplaces. From strategic advisers to full-service support with comprehensive understanding, we are prepared to meet and exceed staffing expectations for both filling your staffing needs, and keeping quality individuals for you.

Obtaining Quality

Before retention can be considered, as an employer you must consider the quality of a prospective employee. The hiring process can help reduce the number of applicants to something more effective through screening, assessment, and interviews. This allows you to ensure prospective individuals are educated and dedicated to working both with and for your company. Axians redtoo performs these aspects of hiring just as you would, with a specific focus on expertise in IT and understanding the demands of this field. Long before you meet any of our members, they have been thoroughly screened and ensured that they are experts in what they do.

Those in Charge

Over half of employers surveyed try to use benefit packages to inspire loyalty, with nearly all opting for wage increases. All these are good ideas to work with, but something else is needed. Studies are emerging that show workplaces that demonstrate value in their workers through policy and practices have effective retention rates. Similar studies have shown that people do not quit jobs, they quit managers. A good manager inspires loyalty and can keep people in jobs they don’t like. A bad manager can drive away loyal employees and make it hard to hire new people. As such, understanding the workplace culture and effectively leading a team can make massive differences in both hiring and retention. As much as 80% of employee turnover is through ineffective or overly hostile management. Understanding how to both lead and listen are essential skills in today’s job market.

Axians redtoo is a staffing company, meaning that our product is expertise in IT. However, as staff is the lifeblood of our company, we have had to learn how to effectively manage people in many different situations and environments. Each workplace has it’s own unique culture and quirks, but we specialize in being able to work with a broad variety of situations. Our people know how best to handle staff as well as tech, making our services invaluable for those struggling with not only finding the right people, but keeping them.

Work Culture

An often overlooked or assumed aspect of your workforce is that they are a team. All members are there to join the team and work together to make your company run. As such, understanding and fostering cooperation can create a far friendlier atmosphere. Encouraging communication, cross-training, and even offering incentives can create a far more cohesive group. Free from isolationist and compartmentalized department ideology, your workers will integrate and support one another. When a business supports its members, they work more effectively, and serve your customers far better. Such also includes understanding the transforming needs of a workplace. Incorporating aspects such as flexible work shifts, casual attire, and open work areas that appeal to the senses can create a better are for your workers. Enticing and friendly atmosphere supported by communication makes workers happier and more interested in staying. New people are interested in joining that sort of workplace.

Axians redtoo understands the nature of working in new environments. Our staffing services have been used in a variety of situations, meaning our people are IT experts and specialists. That also means they have entered into a variety of work environments and integrated into those work forces as well. When you hire our experts and managers, one of the highest priorities is not to maintain an ‘us versus them’ group, but a together approach that integrates our experts into your workforce. Strife divides a workforce and lowers both productivity and retention. Working together, we get the job done easier and better than ever.


In many workplaces, the advancing technology requires a near-constant learning curve. Your workers must adapt to new equipment or new ways of doing things. One way of retaining employees is to give them incentives to gain certifications in equipment and degrees. Corporate-sponsored educational programs can help your people learn more skills, and entice them to keep learning. Performance-based incentives also encourage learning and retention as people are rewarded for efforts to learn. This makes them able to do more for your workplace, and increases both their well-being and productivity.

Axians redtoo has thrived in one of the fastest-evolving areas in recent decades. This is done through constant education and exploration of new skill sets. Our people understand that more and better understanding makes them more versatile and valuable to our clients. We encourage that continued education and support our people in the efforts to both better themselves and become better for you.

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