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Many axioms exist about the concept of work. More specifically, the workplace. Often, it is viewed as a necessary evil. A place where people go regularly to afford the things they have or to earn a chance at more. Objectively, work is a location people go to for a vast majority of their waking hours in order to get the money they need or want. This makes working both a vital way to gain what is needed, and a place that is highly important to tolerate or even enjoy. On a fundamental level, work is not simply the effort and skills needed. Work is a social gathering as well. The work environment is filled with people based on skills instead of personality, meaning interaction can be anywhere from smooth to nigh impossible, or anywhere in between. Social hierarchies develop among the workplace such as cliques or people that are not to be crossed. This also affects the social dynamic as heavily as employee retention. An antagonistic environment can drive people away, just as a pleasant one can draw them in. Regardless of the case, adding or losing employees can drastically change the way the social environment works. From a business standpoint, this can be vital. Cooperative environments can be more productive. The reverse can also see your productivity plummet. Having the right workers can make all the difference.

Working together

Occasionally, gaps appear in the workplace. Such can be from expansion of the company, temporary leave, or even people leaving the workplace. The hiring process is designed to find capable candidates that can fill those gaps and keep your company working efficiently. Again, the work requires a set level of skill and expertise. People are far more difficult to place. For instance, if an expert applies for the job and is available, the idea is tempting to hire them quickly. The skills are perfect for the position. The person however, could be a very abrasive personality and either insult or upset your fellow workers. This can appear as narcissism, antagonistic behavior, or annoying habits. Your workplace can begin to spend more energy and time in either dealing with this person or finding ways to avoid him or her. This is time not spent completing their work, eventually making a noticeable drop in productivity. Either the quality or quantity of work is lessened- or even both. Situations escalate over time, causing more issues, and eventually either the managers of that area or human resources is forced to step in and deal with the problem. Direct control is assumed to end the conflict, but doing so removes any level of autonomy and morale from the group. This represents more effort and resources that could be spent on improving your company being directed at stopping costly conflicts.

Now, reverse the situation. A person is introduced that seamlessly integrates into the work environment. Within days, it feels as though he or she has always been there and is friendly. People enjoy their company, and the work continues smoothly. Friendships develop, fostering a cooperative environment. Morale and productivity increase together, and a sense of both belonging and encouragement drives that team to work harder and perform better. Having the right people integrate into a workplace can make monumental differences in how that area operates. The industry does not matter, morale and cooperation is good for business.

Prepared to mingle

A recent and popular solution to the skill gap that has appeared in business is the staffing company. Acting as an independent human resources group, they maintain a pool of workers for various job titles at all times. When a company hires the staffing group, a specialist is sent to fill the position for a time that can be as short as a few days or last months, perhaps more. Companies like Axians redtoo are cautious about this process. Naturally, they employ experts and are constantly encouraging them to continue to improve and expand their knowledge. Experts gain certifications, and some become specialists. Of equal concern are the personalities being considered to go into random workplaces. As such, Axians redtoo keeps detailed files including the personality and working style of their people. This allows them a level of familiarity and understanding among their staff. When considering sending an expert or specialist to a location, the staff at Axians redtoo discuss the situation with the client company and get a feel for the workplace environment.

The kind of person they send is as important as the skills they possess. As such, the interpersonal skills and habits of the Axians redtoo associate are weighed carefully before introducing them to the workplace. Before the first day of the contract, Axians redtoo is cautious enough to send the right person for the right job. Upon arrival, the expert or specialist will already have an idea of what is happening, and understand that they were the best choice for that workplace. Doing so gives a sense of faith and inclusion. Outsiders are often ostracized. Instead, the expert will know what is expected, and be prepared to put his or her best foot forward to not only excel at the work but also in interacting with those already there.

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