Case Study

Windows Upgrade Deployment


New Windows on 2500 Desktops and Laptops
A mid-size life sciences company needed to deploy a newer version of Windows across more than 2,500 end-user desktops and laptops – but the IT organization didn’t have the staff or extensive upgrade expertise to execute the project in house.

Axians redtoo assembled a team that handled the company-wide deployment for the corporate IT staff, under a flexible engagement that accommodated the company’s highly variable scheduling and operations constraints.

The team included the services of a Axians redtoo project manager who served as a single point of contact for the client on all aspects of the Windows deployment.

Assessing Application Compatibility
Axians redtoo engineers worked with the various departments to determine which enterprise and desktop applications were ready for the newer Windows version, and which required updating before the migration.

Assuring Compliance
To help the company meet its strict regulatory requirements – and to standardize support issues in the future — Axians redtoo engineers developed and tested the disk images and configurations that would be deployed across the company. Axians redtoo teams then managed the actual installation and verification on all hardware.

Hardware procurement and deployment
For the more than 60% of desktops/laptops that needed to be upgraded for the new Windows version, Axians redtoo handled the specifying, procurement and deployment of all the new hardware required. Axians redtoo also arranged for responsible disposal and recycling of the machines that were taken out of service.

Ongoing follow-up to leverage the upgrade
As part of Axians redtoo’s continual monitoring of the deployment, the team noted that additional training would better enable end users to take advantage of the capabilities of the newer Windows version. The team then outlined key training objectives for an outside group that was brought in to conduct the training.

The client’s bottom line:

  • Brisk deployment of newer OS in an environment with rigorous security and regulatory requirements.
  • Minimal impact on company-wide operations and end-user productivity during the transition.
  • Virtually no burden on existing IT staff for the mass deployment.



Life Sciences/Corporate


  • Project Management
  • Project Administration
  • Project Engineering
  • Implementation Specialists


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