Benefits of Hiring Millennials Through IT Staffing Companies

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Benefits of a diverse workforce

Staffing companies are unique entities that are designed to assist a variety of clients. Companies that either cannot or have trouble fulfilling their own staff needs. Often, highly skilled labor is a very competitive environment where the best are fought for viciously. Limited numbers of experts make it even harder for a company to focus on their own interests and accurately fulfill the roles needed. This is where companies like Axians redtoo shine. The industry is poorly understood by a majority of people. Staffing companies are far more than providers of janitors and security guards. Companies can offer a broad range of people, based on the needs they serve. Axians redtoo specializes in IT, offering far more than janitors. Individuals with expertise in IT and certifications in a variety of useful tools are their stock-in-trade. This includes people of many ages, skills, and backgrounds. For instance, most companies that do rely upon staffing firms do not recognize the potential of hiring more than just tech experts. Higher level contracts are also available- managers and supervisors that are just as ready and able to step into a situation and shine as their IT techs will for their own specialty.

Age Gap

Some of the traditional stereotypes in the working world is comparing specific generations to the one just before it. Doing so creates that division of ‘us versus them’ and can be unfair. For instance, Baby Boomers, born between 1946 and 1960 tend to be seen as optimistic, workaholics, and ambitious. Generation X in turn has skepticism, self-reliance, and an intense focus on balancing work and personal lives. The most recent group are the Millennials, exemplars of technological savvy, value in diversity and change, and the desire for their work to be meaningful. Each generation creates a different aspect of a workforce, and each fills a niche for a type of worker. A closed-minded and narrow view would focus on just specific generations for their traits without valuing the others. In the current marketplace understanding these differences can help any entity looking to fill a workforce to understand how to relate to various groups.

Unique strengths

Millennials are less inured in the corporate structure as previous generations, and thus are often the most common employees hired through staffing companies. Their malleable nature focuses less on aspects of tenure and loyalty to a specific brand. Instead, the focus of diversity and change support the idea of filling a variety of roles and making a more inclusive work space. Additionally, rather than having a length of time at a given company, the strongest common desire is that of being meaningful in their work. The concept of making a difference and performing work that matters is a priority for them like few others. Thus, coming into a workplace and helping in a significant way creates that sensation of belonging and success while also offering the idea of being able to demonstrably improve the situation. This meaning gives satisfaction which reflects in the quality of their work. Other generations of workers would not be so easily swayed.

The method by which they achieve this meaning in their work is not limited to a specific job title. The aspect that makes them uniquely suited to staffing companies also allows them to fit into a variety of roles on that group’s behalf. Instead of just being tech experts or IT specialists, management and supervisory positions are equally challenging and rewarding. Their skills would be well-used to help motivate a team, or monitor a workplace for possible improvement. It is not uncommon to have both workers and supervisors both hired to a single company, and Millennials have no issue working in either role. Again, the concept of tenure and working up the ladder is not nearly as important to this group as making a difference in their world and those they interact with. As such, employment becomes an interchangeable situation.

Multi-level cooperation

A company can easily take advantage of this ideology by hiring several individuals to fill voids in the workforce, regardless of administrative level. Many will not argue, and simply seek to work well in the role they were hired for without jealousy or malice. Each job will be addressed with the same vigor and enthusiasm. Teamwork and cooperation are valued aspects for Millennials and Baby Boomers, meaning that the older guard of employees will seek those that integrate well, and the youngest in the workforce are equally interested in finding a way to work into the group- often with the goal of making it work better than ever. Staffing companies, like any human resources department inside a company, must be diverse in their interests. Axians redtoo and similar groups do not focus on a single form of employee. As such, they would have individuals ready to be used on multiple levels including management. These fresh ideas and unique perspectives would only augment one another in the workplace, making using these personality strengths easier and more efficient to make any company better than ever.

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